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Delivery in 30 minutes

Get it in 30 min.  Guaranteed

We got you covered! You need it and we have it. You can pay now or in-person 

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How it works

We understand that when you buy online sometimes you need some products in less than 1 hour in front of your door. We also understand that you may go out to get some needed-at-the-moment products but you certainly will spend 30 min to 60 min between you go and come back. For that reason, we are a start-up trying to cover this need that most people have every day. The idea came out because of all these needs listed above and now we carry daily-needed products with us all the time to guarantee that the delivery will be fulfilled in the time we are promising.

Obviously we can't do it without your support so we'll really appreciate it if you back us with this new service/project. We want to show our new customers that we can do it and you will be a first-time buyer that supports this idea. 

Payment options

We accept all major credit cards and cash also. You may pay now or in-person once you have your order in your hands. If you'd like to pay in person you should be in the location where you decided to receive your order. If the buyer that chooses to pay in person is not in the location the delivery will not be completed.

Help us improve

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at 407-8442253. You may also complete the form below with your questions or comments. Also, you may let us know what are your everyday most needed products that we should add.

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